My life is a quest for the most precious treasure on Planet Earth, knowledge. And to focus on certain subject, what could be a better way than to study it the ‘way’ the wise have advised.  This has led me to earn the following qualifications from prestigious institutions in India and aboard. Including 1 D. Litt, 6 doctorates. The maximum doctorates in the world according to available records. 

    1 D.Litt  
    6 Doctorates
  35 Masters 
4 Bachelorettes  
    3 PG Diplomas  
    7 Diplomas

       Topic:          In the specialized area of Oriental Studies

 Doctorates (Ph.D)


     Topic:            Universal Life Pattern In The Diction Of Ramayana Works



      Topic:            Strategic Audit



      Topic:            Astrology For Causes And Remedies Of Diseases



       Topic:            Manifestation Of  Literary And Spiritual Principles In Jaina Mahapurana 



       Topic:            Enhancement Of Learning Abilities Through The Introduction Of Yoga In High School Curriculum



       Topic:            Aesthetics And Malayalam Epics

 Post Graduation (P.G ) 

     1. M. Phil

     2. M. Ed

     3. MBA – HRM

     4. MSW

     5. M.L.I.S

     6. M. Sc (Psychology)

     7. M. Sc (Counseling & Psychotherapy) 

     8. M. Sc (Yoga)

     9. M. Sc (I T)

   10. M. Com (Finance & Control)

   11. M. Com ( International Banking)

   12. M.A (Hindi)

   13. M. A (Sanskrit)

   14. M. A (Malayalam)

   15. M. A (English)

   16. M. A (Tamil)

   17. M. A (Arabic)

   18. M. A (Urdu)

   19. M. A (Linguistics)

   20. M. A (Philosophy & Religion)

   21. M. A (Astrology)

   22. M. A (Buddhism)

   23. M. A (Vaishnavism)

   24. M. A (Christian Studies)

   25. M. A (History)

   26. M. A (Economics)

   27. M. A (Geography)

   28. M. A (Political Science)

   29. M. A (Public Administration)

   30. M. A (Sociology)

   31. M. A (Gandian Thoughts)

   32. M. A (Anthropology)

   33. M. A (Journalism)

   34. M. A (Criminology)

   35. M. A (Tourism Management)



      B. Ed



  P.G. Diploma


      Feng- Shui

      Computer Application


     Saiva Sidhanta

     Vedic Studies