Dr. Lakshmidasan

Unending Quest For Knowledge

“Quo Vadis? Or where are you going, in Latin, is a question which I ask myself very often” says Dr. Lakshmidasan.  Through the journey called ‘life’  he has crossed many milestones in an unending quest for the right knowledge and  enrichment of mind & soul. Along the way there have been  trysts with a wide range of subjects.

From Astrology to astronomy. Jain, Buddhist and Gandhian thinking. The occult and vedic sciences, spirituality, psychology, philosophy to modern law. Journalism, linguistics, criminology…well one can go on and on. This has  to  1 D. Litt, 6 doctorates, 36 masters and more. With the knowledge  gained, Dr. Lakshmidasan has authored 20 books on various subjects.

He is also a linguist who has learned more than 100 languages from Sanskrit & Pali, which are among the most ancient languages in the world to modern day English and French to Arabic.

Also, exotic languages like Divehi and Dzonglka. This has given Dr. Lakshmidasan a ringside view of the world never seen by most. “I have been lucky to meet more than 1,00,000 fellow humans across India and 30 other countries, sharing my knowledge and getting enriched with same in return” says Dr. Lakshmidasan as he reaches-out to people in distress through holistic sciences. Teaching and learning, both.

He married Bindu Lakshmidasan,  M.A, M.Phil, MBA, B.Ed, PGDCA, T.T.C and has 2 daughters Braahmi Lakshmidasan and Dhanishta Lakshmidasan